About Me


I’m Eric, and I’m a Mechatronics engineering student at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada.

Born and raised in Toronto, I’ve always been interested in how stuff works, and my childhood was filled with countless hours of reading technology books at the library or watching shows on tv about the process behind making things. That curiousity (in combination with my lego collection) meant engineering was the obvious choice when deciding what to study in university. Out of the many engineering programs offered in Canada, I chose Waterloo because of its well-known co-op program, which would allow me to use and improve my engineering skills in the real world.

My interests lie in both electrical and mechanical design, especially when they meet. Whether it be a projector, an electric car, or a 3D printer -I get a lot of satisfaction when I design something and see it come to life. Circuit design and PCB layout, Mechanical design, and robotics are all big interests of mine.

I’m also a people person. I love working in teams and working with other people (including non-engineers!). I’ve held leadership roles in the past, and I’m always interested at the possibility of improving my project management skills and helping to empower others.

So what’s next? I’m not exactly sure. I’m currently looking to join a company after my graduation in April 2014. Until then, who knows where life will take me? =)