My Engineering Program

So I often get asked “what is Mechatronics Engineering anyway?” from people unfamiliar with the program.I often say that it’s a M.E.S.S.:

  • Mechanical: the program is an offshoot of the university’s mechanical engineering program, with courses in statics, dynamics, and material science.

  • Electrical: We have quite a few courses on electrical theory and circuit design, making us equally exposed to the electrical side of things.

  • Software: We also get introduced to a number of software engineering concepts. Things like Real Time Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms are a part of our courseload.

  • Systems: We dabble a bit in systems design, with usually one course per term taught by professors in the Systems Design Department


 Relevant Courses and the Concepts covered

Here’s a list of the courses :

  • Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing (parallel and serial buses, synchronization)
  • Radio and Wireless Systems (transceiver architectures, Analog and Digital Modulation, system figure of merits)
  • Sensors and Instrumentation (op-amp circuits, filters, signal conditioning)
  • Microprocessors and Digital Logic (Combinational Logic Design, Sequential Logic & state machines)