Non-Engineering Fun!

Outside of school and working, I try my best to have fun and enjoy life! Here are some of my interests , as well as the cool things I’ve been able to do:


I enjoy playing music quite a bit -especially on the piano. It’s a nice way to relax, and it’s also pretty awesome to be able to jam along to both classical and modern hit songs =D I can also play a bit of the saxophone and the violin, but my piano playing’s better =P











On the sports side, I occasionally do indoor rock climbing. I’m not good enough to lead climb yet, but I’d like to think I’ll get there sometime.


I also play badminton, bowl and I’m a beginner snowboarder, but I don’t really have any photos to back those up =P




On the more interesting side, I’ve also skydived a couple of times (once in Toronto, once in California), bungee jumped, flown a helicopter and an aerobatic plane!








In general I’m a pretty extroverted, social guy. I’m always interested in trying new things and spending time with friends and family. Here’s an example showing the travel that I did during the summer months of 2017.